BioLatam Digital 2024

8–12 abr 2024

Phil Cunnah

Director of Services

Rodon Biologics

Oeiras, Portugal

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Following his PhD from the Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London, and a PosDoc in Portugal he has a career in the Biotech industry, both industrial and pharma, of over 25 years. He started in the labs as a research scientist and rapidly moved into management where he has experience across many different areas of the business from technical to commercial. He has been involved in many different projects where relations and collaborations with third parties, e.g. universities, clients, service providers and manufacturers, were a key element of those projects.”

Mi organización

Rodon Biologics as a biotech CRO/CDMO have 20 years of activity engineering, producing, analysing, characterising and delivering recombinant protein as well as small molecules from engineered microorganisms delivering processes, data and products for discovery, early stage and preclinical research up to manufacture. Rodon began operation in 1999 as Biotecnol, with services to support development of recombinant protein therapeutic products. In 2013 Rodon was created to focus on the services whilst Biotecnol continued as a customer of Rodon Biologics developing a multispecific antibody technology and immunocology products using this technology. In 2018 Rodon was acquired by a Portuguese Pharma CMO, Iberfar, becoming independent of Biotecnol.

Over the years Rodon have worked with clients from small start-ups through to larger pharma and biotech on an international level supporting projects from early research and discovery, through development and manufacture for clinical trials. We offer a range of services from DNA to drug product. We can engineer, produce and characterise from a few milligrams to tens of grams of product for initial research, and support continuing development with a stable cell line and robust scalable process and in partnership with CMOs GMP manufacture for clinical trials.

Our experience and track record make us the right partner to support the development of your biotech products. Rodon’s approach is customer centric establishing a close and flexible working relationship contributing positively to the success of our customer’s projects as we believe their success is our success.


  • contract manufacturing
  • Biologics
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Process Development
  • molecular engineering
  • Business Development
  • project management
  • Technology transfer
  • Quality control
  • quality assurance
  • Operations


  • contract manufacturing
  • Biologics
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Process Development

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Rodon Biologics


Oeiras, Portugal