BioLatam Digital 2024

8–12 abr 2024

Carolini Kaid

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Vyro Bio

São Paulo, Brasil

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startup fighting brain cancer using Zyca Virus – based in Brazil and US


Completing 10 years of experience in cancer biology research, the academic training at Institute of Bioscience, University of São Paulo, has provided an excellent background in multiple biological disciplines including CNS tumor research, tumor stem cells, and advanced therapies. During her MsC, the work with miR-367 as a biomarker for aggressive pediatric cancer and potential therapeutic target led to the 2015 Award of Scientist and Entrepreneurial of the Year, by Nanocell Institute. As PhD student, under the mentorship of Dr. Oswaldo Keith Okamoto, she acquired a broad background in preclinical models with specific training and expertise in cell culture, brain histology, molecular genetics, stereotaxic surgery, and stereology.

The PhD Thesis, awarded with Brazil’s Best PhD Thesis 2020 by CAPES, resulted in two patents applications and preclinical findings that open opportunities for future translational studies to evaluate new putative biomarkers of aggressive stem-like tumor cells in refining diagnosis, patient stratification, and early detection of relapsed disease, while also revealing novel therapeutic approaches, using the miR-367 inhibitor and the oncolytic Zika virus, both targeting the stem-like tumor cells that could benefit patients affected by CNS tumors lacking effective treatment. Recently, as a postdoctoral fellow at Human Genome and Stem Cell Research Center, under Dr. Mayana Zatz's supervision, she continues to investigate alternative immunotherapies with a focus on oncolytic viruses and is coordinating a veterinary clinical trial using the oncolytic Zika virus in dogs with advanced brain tumors.

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We are a biotechnology company that creates revolutionary health treatments based on the use of genetically
engineered viruses.

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